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Burn Hazard with Ballast-Compatible LED Tube

A major US lighting manufacture recently announced a recall of 700,000 ballast-compatible LED tube due to potential burn hazard by arcing. (Search "LED T8 recall" on Internet for more information.) The recall was for "arching" that was occurring inside the ballast-compatible tube, that is, an internal arcing. This issue can be resolved by modifying the tube design. However, this falls short to address the source of the arching problem. More ...

Aleddra SureFit DBA+ Tube Offers the Best ROI Choice for T8/T12 Retrofit

At LightFair 2015 in New York on May 5-7, the exhibition floor was flooded with ballast-compatible tubes from domestic and overseas manufacturers, all riding on the "plug-and-play" promise of replacing existing fluorescent T8 without any rewiring of the existing fixtures. Such promise quickly turned to a more fitting term, plug-and-pray, since once a user plugs the ballast-compatible tube into the linear fixture, he/she should pray that the existing ballast is compatible. This is because while the current off-the-shelf ballasts are likely to be compatible with this new breed of LED tube, the incompatibility percentage is very high for the ballasts that are more than five years old. Not to mention, the ballast-compatible LED tube won't work with T12 ballast.

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Aleddra EasiFit LED Lowbay is the Ideal Screw-in Replacement for Mogul Base MH/HID Lamp

The cULus certified EasiFit Lowbay offers an efficacy of 90 lumens per watt with a CRI>82. The lamp fits any E39/E40 socket, saving both fixture and labor costs. Simply bypass the existing fixture ballast. 70% savings on energy consumption is expected. It also operates perfectly with an occupancy sensor. Now, there are no more excuses for using the "energy-hogging" HPS/MH lamp.

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Aleddra Introduces Classic LED Highbay to US Market

Building on its success of HaloMax LED highbay, Aleddra adds the Classic LED Highbay to its utility lighting product offering. Its high efficacy at 85-95 lm/w and CRI>70 makes it the most cost effective option for indoor high ceiling lighting application for replacing metal halide lamps.

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Aleddra Debuts HaloMax LED Highbay Luminaire at LEDucation 8

Aleddra, known for the safest LED tube on the market, will introduce another “one of a kind” LED lighting product at the upcoming LEDucation tradeshow in New York City, March 18 – 19. The HaloMax LED Highbay Luminaire is rare perfection, a balance of both art and science. “It is beautiful”. This has been a common comment echoed by many lighting distributors, designers, and end users, when they first saw the HaloMax Highbay. It is compact, sturdy, and yet pleasing to the eye.


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