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Aleddra Introduces Classic LED Highbay to US Market

Building on its success of HaloMax LED highbay, Aleddra adds the Classic LED Highbay to its utility lighting product offering. Its high efficacy at 85-95 lm/w and CRI>70 makes it the most cost effective option for indoor high ceiling lighting application for replacing metal halide lamps.


Aleddra Debuts HaloMax LED Highbay Luminaire at LEDucation 8

Aleddra, known for the safest LED tube on the market, will introduce another “one of a kind” LED lighting product at the upcoming LEDucation tradeshow in New York City, March 18 – 19. The HaloMax LED Highbay Luminaire is rare perfection, a balance of both art and science. “It is beautiful”. This has been a common comment echoed by many lighting distributors, designers, and end users, when they first saw the HaloMax Highbay. It is compact, sturdy, and yet pleasing to the eye.


Aleddra EasiRetrofit LED Tube Shines Amongst Facility Managers, Recognized for Superior Safety

Aleddra is pleased to share that its double-ended EasiRetrofit LED tube has been selected as the top choice among facility managers for energy-efficient lighting retrofits due to its superior safety.

Recently, a certain East Coast department store chain chose to retrofit the fluorescent T8’s at one of their facilities with the single-ended LED tube based on the lower cost per lamp. Not long after the installation, a maintenance crew member attempted to replace a dead single-ended LED tube with a fluorescent tube. At 277V line voltage the fluorescent tube exploded, sending mercury vapor everywhere. The result? All fluorescent T8 retrofit projects were put on hold, the fixtures at the facility in question were converted back for the fluorescent tube, and the facility manager was fired. All of these costly consequences could have been avoided by using Aleddra’s double-ended EasiRetrofit LED tube.

A fast food chain in California faced the similar challenge of retrofitting the fluorescent T8’s at its branch locations. However, knowing that it couldn’t rely on the electrical safety knowledge of store personnel, the company decided that its only choice was to find and use a fool-proof and safe LED tube that could be changed by any end user and posed no hazard in the event that a fluorescent tube was re-inserted into a rewired fixture. Its decision? The Aleddra double-ended EasiRetrofit LED tube.

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Aleddra LED Tube in Auburn SuperMall
Before lighting upgrade

Aleddra LED Tube in Auburn SuperMall
After lighting upgrade

Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA Saves 78% on Electricity Costs with EasiRetrofit T8

Bright Energy Services performed a lighting upgrade for the Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA in New York City for its pool and surrounding areas in the lower level. The 14 high-pressure sodium lamp fixtures, which are 480 watts each, were changed to 1X8 LED lamp fixtures which are 102 watts each. In addition, three wall-mounted 180 watt wall pack fixtures were changed to 50 watt LED wall pack fixtures. Finally, the fluorescent T8 77 watt fixtures and fluorescent T12 96 watt fixtures were changed to LED 68 watt LED fixtures. Altogether, the yearly savings in the pool and adjacent areas amounts approximately 50,000 kWh and $10,100, or 78%!

Because of the significant kWh savings, Bright Energy Services applied to Con Edison and NYSERDA for an energy efficiency financial rebate, which is expected to come in at approximately $6,000. With the rebate and energy savings, not to mention the reduced operational expenses, the payback period is just over one year!

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Aleddra LED Tube Lights up Auburn SuperMall with 50% Less Energy

Concerned with the proper use of energy, the owners of Auburn SuperMall (Auburn, WA) chose to implement a lighting retrofit upgrade four years ago to reduce energy consumption. The decision was also motivated by the need to solve the problem of insufficient lighting, as facial recognition by security cameras was next to impossible. In their search for a suitable solution, the mall management team learned of the Aleddra LED tube lamp, which would not only reduce energy consumption but also significantly increase lighting levels. The mall decided to utilize the Aleddra LED T8, which has since greatly reduced the facility's overall carbon footprint while enhancing facial recognition by security cameras and thereby successfully addressing security concerns.

“The Auburn SuperMall owner is very pleased with the 52.6% energy savings achieved through the Aleddra LED T8 tubes accompanied with occupancy sensors,” said Brett Hammond, the project supervisor of LED Solutions Northwest, a division of SeaTac Electric.
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More Energy Efficiency with LED T8 High Bay Luminaire

A local contractor and distributor recently completed three energy-efficient high-bay lighting projects in Kent, Washington using the Aleddra 4-ft LED T8 lamps. The 65,000 ft facility used 400W HID fixtures that provided lighting for both storage and production areas. In particular, providing light levels for safe operation in the production area was an important objective of the overall completion of the lighting project. By replacing 400W metal halide lamps with a combination of 4 & 6-lamp high bay luminaires with occupancy sensors, the energy consumption was reduced, on average, to 90W per luminaire, a 77% saving on energy. According to Brett Hammond, the project manager, the fixtures for the project were pre-wired so that all that needed to be done on the job site was the insertion of the LED T8 and fixture installation, which put the installation time at just over three days. In addition, Aleddra LED T8 tubes are on the Light Design Lab (LDL) qualified LED products list, which means projects are fully qualified for energy rebate from Puget Sound Energy, a utility company in Pacific Northwest. In total, based on an estimated savings of 7 cents were KWh saved, the rebate will cover 40% of project costs.

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  Best Aleddra LED Highbay Lamp

  Best Aleddra LED Highbay Lamp

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