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Lead Energy-Efficient Lighting in your Organization

Successful facility management (FM) leaders distinguish themselves on operation efficiency, and energy-efficient lighting is always high on their list of priorities. This is due to the fact that on national average, electricity is the number one cost for building operations and lighting alone may account for nearly 65% of a building's electricity bill. The challenge then, is how to reduce energy consumption while maintaining adequate lighting for any facility.

Here are the best practices used by leading FM executives for implementing energy-efficient lighting projects:

  • Know where to look for project opportunities:

  • o Year-end budget surplus ("Use it or lose it")

  • o Existing lighting systems that are older than 10 years and/or use T12 lamps

  • o Initiating an energy efficiency audit on lighting

  • o Reconstruction opportunities, voluntary or necessary (e.g. natural disasters)

  • o New construction, facility expansion, or building overhaul

  • o Internal initiative for a higher operation efficiency

  • o New rebates or grants available from local government or utility companies (e.g., Con Edison has begun to accept the LED T8 with an internal driver for rebate)

  • Become familiar with the top 10 considerations for energy-efficient lighting implementation to achieve lower energy consumption while maintaining proper lighting at a higher ROI (return on investment): Click here

  • Work only with ESCO or contractors who are up-to-date on energy lighting technology and safety standards (such as UL1598C) and can present a holistic solution that considers material and labor costs as well as rebates, with a clear ROI and payback terms. FM leaders never evaluate a project based on per-lamp material cost alone, which could result in higher labor costs and a lower utility rebate, thus drastically lowering the total ROI.

Aleddra's LED products meet the latest industry standards and help you achieve a higher ROI for your projects. Our sales representatives are well versed in the latest lighting technology, industry standards, utility rebates, and government incentives. They are ready to assist you as you lead your organization in your energy-efficient lighting project roll-out. Aleddra's agent locator is available at this link You are welcome to contact us directly by email at



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