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Holistic View of LED Tube Retrofit Costs

When making purchasing decisions on energy-efficient lighting, it is not uncommon for people to choose LED tubes based on price alone. With conventional lamps, where all things are equal, per-lamp price is a reasonable yardstick. However, with LED T8 lamps all things are everything but equal, and per-lamp price alone does a poor job of reflecting the real cost of a retrofit project. As such, experienced lighting professionals are now considering the following factors when calculating the true cost of a retrofit project:

  • Per-lamp price

  • Per-lamp installation labor cost (as a reference, 50% savings in labor is a significant amount)

  • Per-lamp accessories cost (for new tombstones, wirings, or an external driver)

  • Per-lamp rebate (available only for qualified LED products listed with LDL or DLC)

  • Per-lamp incentive (for which there are strict requirements and expiration dates)

  • Per-lamp energy difference (The 18W LED T8 saves 18% more energy than the 22W LED T8)

  • Warranty (rebate lists generally call for a 5-year warranty, meaning a 3-year warranty is no longer acceptable)

  • UL label (IFAR 1598C will be the standard in February 2013, and many LED T8's will lose their listing)

With this holistic view for your retrofit project, buying a "lesser" LED T8 may be the wrong choice. First of all, buying a single-ended lamp that only carries a 3-year warranty will not qualify you for rebates. You will also need to use non-shunted tombstones, which your fixture may not have. Lastly, the change-out time is greater since the electrician will need to spend more time on each fixture. Now, how much did you really save with the "lesser" LED tube that carries only a 3-year warranty but demands 4 more watts of energy and 50% more labor time? Consider also the lack of any rebate qualification or UL1598C classification, and you might actually end up paying a lot more per project with a "lesser" LED tube, even though the cost per lamp is cheaper.

The Aleddra EasiRetrofit LED T8 is designed to be intuitive and to minimize labor costs, and can be used with both non-shunted and shunted tombstones. It promises a 5-year warranty and UL1598C classification, making it rebate-ready and ultimately the better investment/ROI. For this reason, the EasiRetrofit is fast becoming the preferred choice by decision makers and qualified electricians. Email us at to learn how you too can get a significantly better value/ROI on your energy-efficient project.



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