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Top 5 Incentives for Energy-Efficient Lighting in 2013

Facilities managers and supervisors looking for incentives to launch energy-efficient lighting projects in 2013 will have not one, but five incentive to consider:

  • Utility rebates: Most local utility companies offer energy efficiency rebate programs that cover lighting retrofit and new construction. However, LED lamps must meet the utility’s requirements for energy efficiency, so be sure to check with your utility or Aleddra local distributors for rebate qualifications.

  • EPAct 2005: Federal’s Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides up to 60¢ per square foot tax deduction for energy-efficient lighting improvement in commercial buildings.

  • IRS Section 179: The maximum deduction for equipment purchased or financed in 2013 has been raised to $500,000 from $139,000 in 2012. Remember to apply for this tax deduction for your new lighting equipment in 2013.

  • Free grant/funding: Some local governments provide free grants for energy-efficient lighting, while utilities offer zero interest financing for T12 replacements. These incentives are limited and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis; as such, many are no longer available. Apply while you can.

  • Zero cost financing: Some financial institutions offer financing programs where repayment is accepted in the form of energy savings realized through energy-efficient lighting projects, thereby removing all out-of-pocket costs for the organization implementing the project.

Aleddra, maker of the popular rebate-ready EasiRetrofit™ LED T8 lamp, and its partners are ready to assist you with your energy-efficient lighting project in 2013. Our “Easy Retrofit – Max ROI” will leverage as many incentives as applicable to obtain the maximal return on investment (ROI) for your project. Contact your local distributors or Aleddra at 425-430-4555, or email us at



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