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Best Practice in Sales Presentation of Energy Efficient Lighting Project

When preparing a sales presentation for an energy-efficient lighting project, it's obvious that one should emphasize the benefits over the costs. But what benefits should be included in the presentation and in what order? When should cost issues be addressed? What other factors should be included for consideration? The following list of key factors in energy-efficient lighting projects is field-tested to be effective in sales pitches, courtesy of Northwest Lighting Network and their lighting consultants team:

  • 1. Annual savings on energy and maintenance

  • 2. Percent of energy and maintenance costs saved overall

  • 3. Incentives available

  • 4. Potential tax credits and/or deductions

  • 5. Non-energy saving benefits (safety, security, higher productivity/morale due to better lighting)

  • 6. Return on investment as a percentage

  • 7. Finance options/payments

  • 8. Out-of-pocket costs to customer

  • 9. Total project cost

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