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Lighting Retrofit Guidelines for Energy Audit

The following Energy Audit Guidelines, courtesy of Northwest Trade Ally Network (NW TAN), can help you streamline the lighting retrofit process. Feel free to share them with your colleagues and business associates:

Facility Checklist:

  • 1. Business name and address

  • 2. Hours of operations

  • 3. Facility type (commercial, industrial, retail, etc.)

  • 4. Square footage, ceiling height

  • 5. HVAC type/fuel type

  • 6. Utility account number

Space Considerations:

  • 1. Age of building and fixtures

  • 2. Existing control system and type

  • 3. Tasks performed in each space

  • 4. Average age of workers

  • 5. Windows or skylights (natural light source)

  • 6. Exterior lights

  • 7. Installation by company labor or outside contractors

  • 8. Audit by vendor or outside contractors

  • 9. Number of bids

  • 10. Removal or relocation of fixtures

Walkthrough Tools Checklist:

  • 1. Pen and Audit Sheets

  • 2. Ballast Discriminator

  • 3. Digital Camera

  • 4. Light Meter

  • 5. Counter

  • 6. Monocular (binocular)

  • 7. Safety equipment

Download a full copy of the lighting energy audit guidelines that include additional sections for sales details, project details, and final steps, at the NW TAN website. A lighting audit worksheet is available at this link. For more lighting retrofit resources, visit their home page at

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