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FAQ - How to Select the Right T8 LED Tube

How many types of LED linear tubes are there?

There are two types of LED T8 tubes: The single-ended tube and double-ended tube.

The single-ended LED tube requires wiring to one side of the tube. As an example, the single-ended aleddra LED T8 tube utilizes the existing wiring of the tombstones, and is therefore compatible with both shunted or non-shunted tombstones. However, as the tube contains an internal power driver, retrofitting work involves two steps: 1) Bypassing the ballast and 2) Rewiring the sockets (or tombstones), as shown in Figure 2.

The double-ended LED also contains an internal power driver, which means that the ballast needs to be bypassed, as indicated with the black line in Figure 3. However, unlike the single-ended tube, there is no need to rewire the tombstones.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Figure 3.

Are LED linear tubes safe?

Yes, Underwriter Laboratory (UL) follows ANSI 153 standards and 1598B retrofit kit standards during the UL evaluation process. LED T8 lamps that carry the UL classification label are considered safe for use in existing fixtures if one follows the manufacturer's installation instructions.

aleddra T8 LED lights are intended to replace fluorescent lamps using the existing fixture. When it is necessary to modify the luminaire, the modification may involve removing the fluorescent lamp ballast or rewiring lamp holders within the luminaire to power the LED T8. A luminaire that has been modified and can no longer work with the original lamp has a label affixed, indicating the luminaire has been modified and can no longer operate a fluorescent lamp.

What is the difference between UL-listed and UL-classified lamps?

UL-listed lamps are designed for installation that requires no wiring modification of the existing fixture. These lamps are generally medium based or GU based. In contrast, UL classified LED T8 lamps are designed for use with existing fixtures that require wiring modification performed by a qualified electrician to ensure proper installation.

Are there ENERGY STAR-approved LED Tubes?

As of now, there is no ENERGY STAR standard for LED tubes. If a vendor claims its LED tubes are ENERGY STAR approved, it is simply not true.

Can I use a T8 LED tube rated at 277V for projects that use both 110V and 277V?

In North America, yes. While it is best to use lamps of voltage specific to your applications, the aleddra T8 LED tubes can be used for both 110V and 277V without affecting lumen output.

Which LED tube is right for your retrofit project?

  • 1. Choose UL-classified LED tubes when wiring modification is necessary.
  • 2. Double-ended LED tubes will save you both time and money during installation.
  • 3. Remember to ask for the 110V/277V rated LED tube.

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