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FAQ - LED Tube Myths

Myth: There are no UL-classified double-ended LED tubes.

Fact: This is no longer true. In January of 2012, the aleddra double-ended LED tube received UL-classified rating. (UL #E325073)

Myth: UL-listed LED tubes can be used for retrofitting fluorescent tubes.

Fact: Rewiring is needed for retrofitting fluorescent lamp fixtures. However, UL-listed LED tubes are not compatible with fixtures that require rewiring and can only be used with new (LED) fixtures. UL-classified LED tubes, which are designed for existing fixtures that need rewiring, are required for retrofitting with fluorescent lamp fixtures.

Myth: My LED tubes are all ENERGY STAR-rated.

Fact: As of now, there is no ENERGY STAR standard for LED tubes. If a vendor claims their LED tubes are ENERGY STAR approved, it is simply not true.

Myth: It is easier to install a retrofit LED tube without bypassing the ballast.

Fact: The following three problems occur should the ballast be left in when retrofitting a fluorescent tube with an LED tube:

  • The ballast continues to draw power when turned off.

  • The installation process does not qualify for any rebates.

  • When the ballast fails, the user may suspect the LED tube first and wind up spending unnecessary time and money in the RMA process before identifying the real problem.

Myth: 240V rated LED tubes are enough for commercial and industrial applications in the U.S.

Fact: In North America, 277V rated lamps are required for most commercial and industrial applications. 240V rated LED lamps will not meet the 277V requirements.



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