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aleddra Joins Zhaga to Promote LED Interchangeability

Renton, WA - June 26, 2012 - aleddra LED Lighting, a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc., today announced that it has joined Zhaga, a lighting industry consortium, to promote the LED light source interchangeability.

"We are very happy to join Zhaga consortium as an associate member" said Patrick Yu, aleddra General Manager. "We fully endorse Zhaga's vision of enabling the interchangeability of LED light sources made by different manufacturers. Its approach of defining interfaces for a variety of application-specific light engines is very practicable and useful. We all know how the consumers and the makers of PCs all benefit from the interachange plug-and-play PC components without replacing or upgrading the complete PC system. With Zhaga's effort, we strongly believe we are not far from the plug-and-play days of LED lighting modules, and we are ready to take on an active role in setting such trend, starting with the development of Zhaga compliant LED lamps."

Zhaga Consortium has thus far completed the interface specifications of 6 categories of LED light sources. These interface specifications focus on the outside properties of the light source, such as mechanical fixation, thermal behavior, electrical properties, and photometric properties. They do not specify the inside of the light source. Manufacturers can make their own internal engine design, i.e., contuning innovation inside the "black box."

Zhaga Consortium members include luminaire and lamp manufacturers, LED module makers, and companies that supply the lighting industry. For more information on Zhaga Consortium, please visit its website at A Zhaga introduction presentation can be dowloaded from its web site. A Zhaga summary presentation by aleddra can be dowloaded from Aleddra web site.

About aleddra:

aleddra LED Lighting is a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc. chartered to bring customers the most sensible LED lighting solutions for efficient energy use and participating in preserving non-renewable energy. With innovative and experienced engineering team, aleddra provides high quality products with customer service at heart.

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