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aleddra Announces My Aleddra, My Advantage Campaign

Renton, WA - July 10, 2012 - aleddra LED Lighting, a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc., today announced its new marketing campaign "My Aleddra, My Advantage" for its partners.

"We recognized the fact that it is hard for our agents and distributors to win a lighting project on a lamp-by-lamp price basis against traditional lighting solution" said R.B. Evans, aleddra National Sales Manager. "And it is even more challenging for them to present LED lights as a long-term energy efficiency solution to the business decision makers such as CEOs and CFOs, versus the purchasing managers, whom they are acustomed to deal with. We are very excited to launch this new My Aleddra, My Advantage campaign by providing marketing materials, training, customer case studies, and testimonials to our partners so that they can sell successfully on an ROI basis."

My Aleddra, My Advantage keys on aleddra's flagship product, double-ended T8 LED lamp with a patented double-safety switch design (DSS). The DSS is designed to keep the electrical circuit of the LED tube open while installing the lamp into the fixture. The circuit of the LED tube is connected only when both ends of the DSS LED tube are in the fixture. This intuitive design protects an installer from electrical shock and has earned the approval of UL classification for LED retrofit conversion kit according to 1598c safety requirements (pending July 2012). aleddra double-ended DSS T8 LED lamp is one of the most popular double-ended T8 LED tubes available in the market.

The aleddra advantage is the DSS LED tube which saves 50-70% time and money during installation without having to rewire the tombstone, and can be used with shunted and non-shunted tombstones. Its 4-ft DSS LED tube at 4100K is now listed with Lighting Design Lab (LDL) in Seattle for utility rebate.

aleddra DSS LED tubes are available in 2-ft, 3-ft, 4-ft and 5-ft lengths, and in Kelvin temperatures of 3000K, 4100K, 5000K, and 6000K, available in 110V or 277V. Please visit or email for more information.

About aleddra:

aleddra LED Lighting is a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc. chartered to bring customers the most sensible LED lighting solutions for efficient energy use and participating in preserving non-renewable energy. With innovative and experienced engineering team, aleddra provides high quality products with customer service at heart.

PR Contact: Matthew Maa, Marketing Manager, at, or call 425-430-4555, or visit



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