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aleddra Attracts OEM Buyers at LightShow East in DC

Renton, WA - Augst 27, 2012 - aleddra LED Lighting, a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc., today announced that it has attracted OEM buyers at LightShow East exhibition at Washington DC, held in October 3-4,

At the LightShow East in Washington DC, Oct. 3-4, Aleddra's 1-ft LED T8 sample tube quickly became one of the hottest giveaways. This sample T8 with Double Safety Switch (DSS) surprised tradeshow attendees with its intuitive safety design that protects the installer from electrical shock and can be used with both shunted and non-shunted tombstones. The DSS LED tube reduces installation cost by as much as 50-70%, compared to a single-ended LED T8 when retrofitting an existing fluorescent fixture. Attendees appreciated the flex ability of the Aleddra's design that incorporated the compatibility of the LED T8 to be used with any tombstone. Simply bypassing the ballast and not having to re-wire completely the fixture is truly an "Aleddra Advantage" for the contractor.

Aleddra's presence at the tradeshow also attracted many OEM buyers, who are now looking more closely at LED T8's as a solution for their fixture offering. Several of the fixture manufacturers from the East Coast were impressed with the light output of the fixtures on display and all commented that it was great to see a manufacturer working closely with UL/ETL and producing a quality lamp with 3rd party testing. As one fixture manufacturer put it, combining Aleddra's UL1598C classified LED T8 with its own UL listed fixtures are what the end-user is looking as an alternative lighting solution that is market ready for immediate release. Manufacturer's no longer need to worry about the UL status uncertainty beyond February 2013 (the mandatory effective date for the new UL 1598C standard) for those LED lamps that are yet to meet the current standards for UL classification. He also likes that Aleddra LED T8 comes with 5-year warranty and rated at 50,000 hours, yielding significant saving on re-lamping projects for interior office and industrial/commercial projects seeking a reasonable ROI with proper lighting levels, even in high-bays applications where lamp replacement costs are high.

Aleddra's LED T8 tubes are available in 2-ft, 3-ft, 4-ft and 5-ft lengths, and in Kelvin temperatures of 3000K, 4100K, 5000K, and 6000K, available in 110V or 277V. For retrofitting the fluorescent tube fixtures with energy efficient LED T8, or considering using new lighting fixtures for your next project, please email your request to

About aleddra:

aleddra LED Lighting is a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc. chartered to bring customers the most sensible LED lighting solutions for efficient energy use while preserving non-renewable energy. With innovative and experienced engineering team, aleddra provides high quality products with customer service at heart.

PR Contact: Matthew Maa, at or call 425-430-4555 ext 234.



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