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Aleddra LED Tube Achieves 13-month Payback for PICA Parking Garage

Renton, WA - February 4, 2013 - Aleddra LED Lighting, a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc., today announces its EasiRetrofit™ LED T8 lamp has been successfully deployed for a commercial parking lighting project and help achieving 13-month payback for the end user.

LED North America has completed its first large scale parking garage lighting project for 2013 for the Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA). The 27,600 sq ft underground parking garage is located at 3000 Meridian Boulevard in Franklin, TN. JC Blakely, CFM, Facilities Director for PICA, said, "We are very pleased with the enhanced light quality in our Parking Garage. We believe we are the first Parking Garage in Williamson County to be completely illuminated using LED lighting. We are looking forward to years and years of trouble free service from our new LED lights".

PICA's parking garage is now illuminated by 30 LED North America "Manhattan" Parking Garage lights. These fixtures incorporate a graphite foam technology licensed exclusively by LED North America from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Because of the superior thermal management provided by this technology, the LEDs operate cooler – extending their life and achieving greater light output with lower energy usage. Using only 81 watts the Manhattan delivers almost 6,900 lumens – an efficacy of 86 lumens/watt.

LED North America Manhattan Garage Lighting Fixture

Manhattan parking garage lighting fixture from
LED North America

  Aleddra LED T8 for Commercial Garage Lighting

Aleddra EasiRetrofit™ LED tube

PICA also decided t to use Aleddra EasiRetrofit™ LED tube lighting to upgrade the 142 Fluorescent fixtures around the perimeter of the garage and in the building’s entry way. Due to the increased luminosity and the longer life of the LED replacement tubes, it is possible to use one LED tube light to replace two fluorescents. Each LED consumer only 19 watts. As there is no external power supply required for this type of fixture, this further reduces energy consumption in comparison to traditional fluorescent lighting and eliminates costly and troublesome maintenance and ballast issues. All of the LEDs using in this type of project carry a 5 year warranty.

By electing to replace all of the conventional HID and Fluorescent fixtures with LED North America Manhattan Parking Garage lights and Aleddra EasiRetrofit™ LED tube lights in its underground parking garage, PICA reduces its energy cost by $13,500 per year. This is an amazing 76% savings. And there are more financial rewards than just the energy savings. With TVA’s (Tennessee Valley Authority) EnergyRight Solutions for Business Incentive program, TVA is paying PICA an almost $15,000 incentive to offset the cost of the lights and installation. The payback on the project is only 13 months. PICA also reduces 51 tons of coal annually and is the equivalent of planting 30 acres of forest each year.

Aleddra LED T8 for Commercial Garage Lighting

PICA Building - Franklin, TN

Andrew Wilhelm, President, LED North Amercia, said, "We are very appreciative of the forward thinking of JC Blakely and PICA. There lights will service PICA well for many years. We would also like to thank Frankewing Construction and especially Charles Oman. They did a super job installing the lights. And, of course, we like to thank Aleddra. They make a great LED tube light. We are very pleased by their color and light output." Wilhelm added, "Any company that is serious about managing their energy costs has to consider LEDs. Lighting is truly low hanging fruit when it comes to controlling energy expenditures."

Andy Geshwiler, LED North America’s Marketing and Sales Vice President remarked, "LED lighting makes great economic and environmental sense. The support from TVA and the federal government is there to help offset costs. Our LED fixtures will improve the lighting quality for your employees and enhance safety and productivity while at the same time reducing energy bills and maintenance expenses."

RB Evans, National Sales Manager of Aleddra LED Lighting, said, “We are happy to contribute to PICA’s Parking Garage project with our EasiRetrofit™ LED tubes that resulted in a quick payback. We strongly believe this is the first of many such projects to come as more facilities managers and supervisors catch up on the energy savings and high ROI offered by the LED lighting products from reputable companies such as LED North America and Aleddra LED Lighting."

About LED North America

LED North America, founded in 2008, is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the Tech 2020 Building; an incubator facility for the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The company’s mission is to deliver technologically advanced LED lighting solutions at an attractive Return on Investment price point. Concentrating on commercial lighting applications for parking lots, parking garages, and indoor high bay applications, LED North America has developed an “Advanced Thermal Management (ATM)” technology that utilizes a graphite foam developed by ORNL. LED North America has an exclusive Intellectual Property license with ORNL for the use of this technology in all LED heat sink applications. The graphite foam, also used in other applications by NASA and the US Military, is used to passively dissipate the heat within the LED light with much greater efficiency than conventional aluminum heat sinks. Using the foam decreases the operating temperatures of the LED light components, significantly extending their life. Another benefit of the foam is that it gives LED North America the capability of producing more lumens from a smaller and lighter weight fixture than its competitors. LED North America confidently offers a 5 year warranty on all commercial lighting products that incorporate the graphite foam technology. For addition information please call 865-481-3600 or visit

About Aleddra LED Lighting

Aleddra LED Lighting is a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc. chartered to bring customers the most sensible LED lighting solutions for efficient energy use and participating in preserving non-renewable energy. It is best known for its EasiRetrofit™ LED tube with a patented double safety switch design that saves 50 to 70% of installation time and labor cost compared to other LED tubes. Aleddra LED T8 light tubes are UL 1598C and they can be used with both shunted and non-shunted tombstones. Aleddra backs its lamp with a 5-year warranty. They are ideal for used in LED T8 high bay fixtures that result in significant energy savings. Also available from Aleddra are PAR lamps, MR16, GU10, and more.

PR Contact: Matthew Maa, Marketing Manager at 425-430-4555 or visit

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