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Aleddra Products Are Huge Hit at Light Fair 2013, With Record Sales for EasiRetrofit® LED T8 Tube and Enthusiastic Interest from Multiple Industry Segments for LightFly™ 5000 Balloon Light

Renton, WA - May 2, 2013 - Aleddra LED Lighting, a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc., today announces that at Light Fair 2103 its energy-efficient EasiRetrofit® LED T8 tube booked record sales and its new LightFly™ 5000 Balloon Light drew passionate interest from multiple segments.

Aleddra LightFly 5000 LED Balloon Light

Aleddra’s famous EasiRetrofit® LED T8 tube continues to wow domestic and international attendees last week at Light Fair. This UL 1598C classified double-ended LED tube distinguishes itself with a patented double-safety switch (DSS). The DSS design enables the ease of installation and saves 50-70% installation time during installation when compared to other LED tubes. It is also the only LED tube lamp on market that can supports both shunted and non-shunted tombstones, streamlining the installation process for T8/T12 retrofitting projects. Since one lamp can be used for any tombstone, distributors and contractors can lower inventory cost, to just one lamp.

Most attendees were impressed to learn that LED T8 retrofit can be made so easy with EasiRetrofit LED T8 lamp. “This makes total sense” stated Ignacio Diaz, Sales Director of Glenn International, the largest lighting distributor in Caribbean region. “This is a perfect fit for lighting retrofit projects that demand tight installation budget control. I can’t wait to get some EasiRetrofit LED T8 samples.” According to Patrick Yu, Aleddra GM, “the OEM interest is particular strong this year as the installation advantage of EasiRetrofit gives our partners a major competitive advantage.”
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Aleddra LightFly 5000 LED Balloon Light

The new portable LightFly 5000 LED Balloon with a 360º soft-white light caught the spotlight for the company this year. “The strong interest for the balloon light exceeds our expectation,” said Matthew Maa, Product and Marketing Manager of Aleddra. “We have received inquiry from multiple segments, including construction equipment, photography, film making, and outdoor event/festival equipment rental companies. We ended up phoning our factory in the middle of the tradeshow to increase the production capacity. This really shows how strong the interest is in this 23,000-lm LED Balloon Light consuming only 240W, a 75% energy saving over the equivalent 1000W HID lamp.”
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