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Aleddra EasiRetrofit Tube Lamp Solves LED T8 Maintenance Dilemmas with Fiscally Feasible Replacements

In just a few short years, standards and guidelines have helped improve the quality of LED lamps, forcing manufacturers to produce better and more reliable lamps. This was not always the case for LED T8 lamps sold on the Internet, for their quality along with customer support varied greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Over the past few months there has been a growing trend that the “older” or first generation double-end LED T8 lamps are starting to fail. Building maintenance managers seeking for LED T8 replacement or warranty support found that the original manufacturers or dealers were no longer in business.

No being able to find original manufacturer for replacement lamps, what are the options for facilities managers? One option is to convert LED T8 back to fluorescent lamps with ballasts. This will force the building owner to repay the energy rebate back and not a viable choice. Another option is to rewire the fixture for using UL1598C-approved single-end LED T8 lamp. This is not a cost-effective option either as rewiring is needed for every fixture. The third and best option is to use a UL1598C classified double-end T8 lamp that is compatible with the existing wiring of the original LED T8. While Aleddra cannot help with warranty issues, it does offer the best option for replacing those generation-1 double-end LED tube.

Aleddra EasiRetrofit® LED tube with a patented dual-safety switch design is the only double-ended LED T8 that is UL 1598C classified. It can directly replace the old non-UL double-ended LED T8 without any rewiring. The process is as simple as popping the old lamp out and inserting the new lamp in. It is no wonder that EasiRetrofit tube has quickly become the most popular choice, in fact the only fiscally feasible choice, for replacing double-ended LED T8. The best part is that the facilities managers need only replace those lamps that are failing, saving them from a complete upgrade. Some managers did opt for a complete change-out because of the additional energy savings afforded by EasiRetrofit tube at 100LPW (or 17.5W for a 4-ft tube) and 5-year warranty.


Double-ended EasiRetrofit LED T8 with safety switch on end cap


EasiRetrofit T8 Wiring Diagram

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