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Aleddra EasiRetrofit Tube Lamp Outshines the Competition with Simple Energy Efficient LED T8 Installation

Energy efficient LED T8 tube lamp has become very popular recently because of better defined industry standards, improved lighting efficacies (>100 lumen-per-watt), and a wider rebate acceptance by utilities companies. However, not all LED T8 lamps are created equal. Below is a comparison of three most popular energy efficient LED T8 lamps on market:

Double-end T8 with internal driver & dual-safety switch: This type of LED T8 doesn’t have any cons, and its pros include:
    A stand-alone lamp
    Minimal re-wiring, easy installation
    Used with either shunted or non-shunted lampholders
    Save 50-70% installation labor
    Single SKU for spare lamps
    Lowest total cost of ownership
    No electric shock hazards

Double-end T8 with internal driver & jumper wire: This type of LED T8 doesn’t have any pros, and its cons include:
    Require non-shunted lamp holders
    Need extra jumper wire to connect the two ends of the fixture
    Long installation time and high labor cost
    Possible electric shock

LED T8 with external driver: This type of LED T8 has an advantage that when the driver fails, there is no need to replace the T8 lamp. Its cons include:
    Not a stand-alone lamp; need an external driver to operate
    Extra time needed to install the external driver
    When the driver fails, the entire fixture is out of service
    Require certified electrician to replace the external driver
    Complicated wiring for 2/3/4-lamp configuration
    Multiple SKU’s in inventory for external drivers

The above static comparison while accurate doesn’t tell the whole story. One of the most overlooked gotchas in selecting LED tube is the installation time and costs, and they vary drastically for these three types of LED T8. To see it is to believe it. Courtesy of Millennium Lighting Consultants Corp (, the installation demonstration of these three types of LED T8 lamps can now be viewed online at:

All three LED T8’s in the demo are UL1598C classified for replacing linear fluorescent tube. Aleddra EasiRetrofit LED T8 lamp wins handily over the other two T8 lamps with 50-70% less time for installation. This could translate into significant savings on project duration, downtime, and labor costs.

Aleddra LED Lighting is headquartered in Seattle and has sales agents and distribution partners throughout US. We are ready to assist you immediately so that you can take advantage of EasiRetrofit LED tube for your energy efficient lighting project. Contact us today at +1-425-430-4555 or

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