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Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Qualifies Aleddra’s Popular LED EasiRetrofit Tube for Utility Rebate

Renton, WA – September 4, 2013 – Today Aleddra LED Lighting, a business unit of Lightel Technologies, Inc., announces that its energy-efficient LED T8 EasiRetrofit tubes are now qualified by Design Lights Consortium (DLC) for utility rebates.

Aleddra, an upstart LED technology company, specializes in LED tube technology research and development. Its popular EasiRetrofit double-end LED T8 tube is the leading choice for replacing linear fluorescent lamps as it gives the end user 50-70% savings on installation time and labor costs compared to other LED T8’s on the market.

“Aleddra has always been a proponent for LED lighting standards since day one,” says R.B. Evans, National Sales Manager of Aleddra. “Our LED T8 tubes have been on the Lighting Design Lab (LDL) qualified LED products list since 2011. While we did not agree with the DLC V.1 requirements, because it measured LED lamps according to legacy fluorescent lamp criteria, we still supported the effort to set higher standards. When DLC V.2 requirements came out earlier this year (April 2013), we applauded its sensible approach for including the Lumen-Per-Watt efficacy in addition to the total lumen output. It is not only on the right track but also pushes the quality threshold in the right direction. Thus, it was only natural to get our LED T8 lamps through the DLC qualification process. All our US customers can now reap the benefit of utility rebates that require DLC certification.”

The following Aleddra’s 4-ft LED T8 models are now DLC certified:

   LLT-4-T8-C-S-W-120-277V-D-3-50K (EasiRetrofit double-end)
   LLT-4-T8-C-S-W-120-277V-D-3-41K (EasiRetrofit double-end)
   LLT-4-T8-C-S-W-120-110V-D-3-50K (EasiRetrofit double-end)
   LLT-4-T8-C-S-W-120-110V-D-3-41K (EasiRetrofit double-end)
   LLT-4-T8-C-S-W-120-277V-S-2-50K (Single-end)
   LLT-4-T8-C-S-W-120-277V-S-2-41K (Single-end)
   LLT-4-T8-C-S-W-120-110V-S-2-50K (Single-end)
   LLT-4-T8-C-S-W-120-110V-S-2-41K (Single-end)

EasiRetrofit Double-ended LED Tube


Aleddra Single-ended LED Tube

Patrick Yu, GM of Aleddra, further explains that, “More and more customers opt for the EasiRetrofit tube because the dual-safety switches protect facility maintenance crews from electrical shock hazard during installation. More specifically, it provides extra protection when someone accidentally inserts a fluorescent tube into a fixture that has been converted for LED T8. Nothing will happen in the case of a fixture being converted for an EasiRetrofit tube. However, in the case of a fixture being converted for a single-end tube, there will be an electrical short. A recent recall of two LED lamps by a major brand has raised public awareness of maintenance safety issues surrounding LED lamps. People using the EasiRetrofit tube will have peace of mind when it comes to replacement maintenance.”

Aleddra LED Lighting is headquartered in Seattle and has sales agents and distribution partners throughout the U.S. We are ready to assist you in implementing safe and cost-effective T8/T12 replacement solutions. Contact us today at +1-425-430-4555 or

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