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Aleddra Offers Upgrade Program To Address Failures of Other Manufacturers' Double-Ended LED T-8 Tubes

Renton, Washington, August 4, 2014 - Aleddra announces a cost effective upgrade program featuring its latest Generation 3 EasiRetrofit double-ended LED T-8 Tube. With an available 10-year extended warranty, combined with a reduced price, facility managers will have the ability to affordably replace other manufacturers' low quality double-end tubes that are beginning to fail. (An informal video)

Some energy-efficiency proponents who adopted LED T8 tube lamps in the early days of the technology are beginning to experience failures. Many of these failing tubes are still within their warranty period. However, because Aleddra owns the patents on the only UL1598C Classified double-ended tubes, these other manufacturers are not able to offer direct replacements any longer without infringing upon Aleddra patents.

Over two years ago, a national snack food company in Vancouver, Washington replaced its fluorescent T8's with double-ended LED tubes in their production facility. When the tubes began to fail after 18 months, the facility manager tried to contact the supplier for warranty replacement, only to find the original Chinese manufacturer was no longer in business.

The chief engineer at the Pasadena, CA office of a major commercial property management company found himself in a similar situation where 80% of the LED tubes at one of his commercial properties failed after two years, well within the manufacturer's 5-year warranty. When approaching the US vendor for warranty coverage, he was told the company could no longer manufacture UL-classified double-ended LED tubes due to the new UL598C safety requirements. The vendor proposed using their single-ended tube which requires significant rewiring of the fixture and the change-out of shunted sockets. This was not an acceptable option due to the labor cost and downtime.

For the end user that is beleaguered with low quality double-end tubes, Aleddra is pleased to offer an upgrade program as an affordable solution. The program includes:

1. Low price on Aleddra's most popular 4-ft EasiRetrofit G3 double-end LED with 5-year warranty.
2. 10-year extended warranty for driver available at an extra $3.00 per tube.

The EasiRetrofit LED tube is known to be the safest LED tube on the market and its double-end wiring supports both shunted and non-shunted sockets, thus saving 50-70% installation time and labor costs as compared to that of a single-ended LED tube. In addition, by removing the ballast, its maintenance cost and energy consumption is much lower than that of the new ballast-compatible tubes that are appearing on the market. Moreover, the new EasiRetrofit G3 tube has a field-replaceable driver that doubles the lifetime of the tube to 10 years. This patented feature saves on the cost of buying a new tube as well as the trouble associated with disposing the LED tube after 5 years. With the extended guarantee, Aleddra will provide a replacement driver to the customer. Aleddra's EasiRetrofit G3 tube comes with a universal driver, supporting 110V-277V input voltage. It is available in 4-ft and 2-ft lengths, and its color temperatures include 3000K, 4100K, 5000K, and 6000K. It is UL 1598C Classified for both U.S. and Canada, and has met DLC linear tube specifications for utility rebates. Click here for EasiRetrofit G3 specification.

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