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Can You Afford to Take the Utility Rebate?

If you are considering a retrofit of your fluorescent fixtures with ballast compatible LED T8 tubes, getting the utility rebate should be a no-brainer, right? The answer will surprise you. Recently a few utility rebate programs began offering rebates for ballast-compatible LED tubes only, and some go as far as dictating that you must install a new ballast to get these rebates. This not only increases your initial installation cost (compatible ballast and labor), but also increases future energy usage (ballast draws additional power) and long term maintenance costs (compatible ballasts require maintenance/replacement). Many times these additional costs are not considered in "Total Cost" calculations. Other factors to consider:

Burn hazard due to ballast

Additional energy draw on ballast

Ballast incompatibility

The table below shows the energy and maintenance costs over 5 and 10 years when using Aleddra SureFit DBA Plus tube on either line voltage or ballast. This LED tube works in both modes.

Tutorial video on comparison spreadsheet.

EXAMPLE: If the ballast is retained, there is an additional cost of $18.14 over (5) years and $39.28 over (10) years. Can you afford to take a rebate at $5.00/tube with these additional costs? Ask your CFO.

Click here to download a copy of the spreadsheet.

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SureFit DBA+ Tube Cutsheet



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