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Aleddra Launches Good Neighbor Referral Program

A couple weeks ago Trish, an Aleddra sales representative from Phoenix, contacted us regarding her neighbor's need of Aleddra's LED tubes. She was willing to forego her commission on the sale so that her neighbor could buy the safest LED tube on the market without paying extra. Aleddra was happy to comply and ended up with a happy end user and a proud sales representative.

"This is a great way of fostering a positive community spirit," stated Matthew Maa, VP of Sales & Marketing. "We would like to make it available to all of our distribution partners and customers, so they too, can be proud members of their communities as well. This one idea has been the inspiration behind Aleddra's Good Neighbor Referral Program."

The Good Neighbor Referral Program works like this:

An Aleddra agent, distributor, or existing customer will provide the name, email address, and phone number of their friend or neighbor to Aleddra.

Aleddra will sell up to a maximum of 12 Aleddra LED tube lamps below the distributor price for personal, non-commercial use, which is payable by credit card.

Aleddra will donate lamps equivalent to 5% of the gross sales of the Good Neighbor Referral Program to charity.

The referred friend or neighbor will spread the exciting news about the Aleddra Good Neighbor Referral Program.

According to Mr. Maa, "This program is meant to encourage a positive social relationship throughout the lighting community. Aleddra has no intention of contacting the end user without the referral from our existing distribution partners and customers. We strongly believe the goodwill presented by our distribution partners will be reciprocated when their friends and neighbors need professional help for future business lighting needs. This is a winning program for everyone."

For frequently asked questions and answers on the program, watch the following video:

This program will be honored through December 31, 2015. Send your referral email to



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