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Aleddra Introduces Alegant Vapor Tight Fixture

Aleddra, the upstart LED manufacturer best known for its dual-mode SureFit DBA+ LED tube, announces their first outdoor luminaire; the IP65 Alegant Vapor Tight. This all-new fixture advances the company's reputation as a leading innovator in the LED lighting industry with a patent-pending field-replaceable plug-and-play driver. This feature gives end users the flexibility to choose different driver configurations for a variety of applications, and allows for future upgrades without replacing the fixture

The most popular configurations include:

Basic driver: on-off configuration

Basic driver with motion sensor: on/off configuration

Basic driver with motion sensor: bi-level configuration (33% or 100%)

Step-dimming driver; three-step dimming (33%, 66%, or 100%) through flipping wall switch without additional control signal wiring.

"This plug-and-play driver design allows our distribution partners to use the same fixture and configure it as needed for various application on the fly, without stocking different fixture models," according to Aleddra CEO Mr. Patrick Yu. "For the end user, it affords them the possibility of easy upgrade to future control technology, such as WIFI-enabled driver, down the road with minimum costs and environmental impact. We are conscientious on the total cost of ownership, including the upgradability and the disposal cost, to our users. Aleddra takes pride to over-engineer our products."

The Alegant Vapor Tight luminaire is UL certified for both US and Canada market, and is DLC qualified for local utility rebates. It boasts 180 degree beam angle, and its IP65 rating makes it ideal for wet locations or in low temperature storage rooms. It uses tamper-proof screws on the stainless steel clips for additional protection of the fixture.

Demo video:

Alegant Vapor Tight Cutsheet

Please contact Aleddra at 425-430-4555 or with any questions or comments.



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