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T8 LED High Bay Lighting

The Challenge

A U.S.-based manufacturer was faced with the challenge of reducing energy costs while providing sufficient and safe lighting for their entire facility. Nearly 600 458W-HID fixtures were left running at all times for 24-hour operation, which meant that some of the fixtures were on even when there were no workers in the area, thus wasting significant amounts of electricity. It was imperative to find an energy-efficient lighting alternative that provided the proper illumination essential to a safe work place as well as fast payback for a good ROI (return on investment).

Aleddra LED T8 High Bay Lamp

The Solution

An Aleddra partner proposed using the 6-lamp LED T8 high bay from HiLite LED. Each fixture would be pre-wired at the factory and equipped with an occupancy sensor from Leviton. The sensor would leave one LED lamp on in an unoccupied space, consuming as little as 20W, and then instantly turn on all six lamps when workers entered the area. The fixtures and lamps were shipped directly to the jobsite, and the assembling was as simple as installing the lamps and hanging the fixtures. Ultimately, the answer to the challenge comprised of the following:

Aleddra LED T8 High Bay Lamp Aleddra LED T8 High Bay Lamp

1. Aleddra's 18W UL-1598C LED T8, featuring the patented Double Safety Switch that allows easy wiring and installation. Aleddra T8's have a high CRI and a lumen output better than 95 LM/W, thereby contributing to a pleasant, glare-free work environment.

2. HiLite LED high bay fixtures, engineered from top-quality sheet metal and designed to perform in any facility environment for years of extended use.

3. Sensor-controlled lighting, which leaves one LED T8 on during unoccupied mode and instantly turns on all T8's when workers or trucks enter the area.

The Results

1. Estimated 80% energy reduction from the existing HID fixture using a one-to-one fixture replacement.

2. Local utility rebate of $130,000 and a project payback time of less than 2 years.

3. Lighting levels that exceeded expectations using fixtures hanging 30 feet above the factory floor.

"If you didn't think using LED T8's for a facility application like this was possible, think again. This is an impressive and very successful demonstration of Aleddra T8 for high bay applications. After touring the plant and meeting with the corporate energy managers, I can confidently say quality LED T8's are capable of meeting the needed lighting level and energy savings", confirmed R.B. Evans, Aleddra National Sales Manager.

Aleddra LED T8 High Bay Lamp

To find out more about how you can save energy and maintain or improve lighting in your facility with the energy-efficient LED T8, please email your request to For information about the HiLite LED fixture, go to

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