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Energy-Efficient Office Lighting


On national average, lighting costs constitute the highest commercial building operation cost.

For some areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, lighting costs are the second largest commercial building operation cost, due to lower energy rates.

65% of commercial lighting uses troffers.

The most popular fluorescent tube in use is the 4-ft 32W linear tube.

Aleddra Energy Efficient Office Lighting

Energy-Efficient Lighting Considerations

The Aleddra 4-ft LED T8 tube consumes 18W, constituting a 43% in energy savings over the fluorescent T8 tube.

Maintenance savings: A high quality LED T8 is rated at 50,000 hours, requiring less maintenance and replacement frequency than a standard fluorescent tube.

Labor savings: The Aleddra Double-Ended LED T8 will save 50-70% in installation time and labor costs as compared to the single-ended LED T8.

Installation safety: A Double Safety Switch LED T8 provides protection for the installer from electric shock.

UL standard: Aleddra meets the new UL1598C safety standard for LED retrofit lamps. This mandatory standard will take effect in February, 2013. To avoid uncertainty in the future, use only UL1598C classified LED T8 lamps.

Utility rebates: Use only LED lamps approved by the Lighting Design Lab (LDL), Seattle, or Design Lights Consortium (DLC)to receive rebates from your local utility companies.

Federal Incentive: Federal government provides tax incentives of up to 60 cents per square foot for energy-efficient lighting projects that result in savings of 20% or more in energy consumption. However, the project must be completed by 12/31/2013 to be qualified for the incentive.

Incorporate occupancy sensors into LED lamps to increase energy savings and maximize utility rebates.

Low-cost financing is available from either your local utility companies or third party financial companies as cost-effective solutions for implementing energy-efficient lighting projects.

Aleddra Advantages

Aleddra LED Lighting, headquartered in Seattle, is a market leader in the LED retrofit market.

Aleddra's warehouse is stocked locally and can respond quickly to your U.S. needs.

We offer the only UL1598C classified double-ended LED T8 lamp for fluorescent tube retrofit.

Our patented Double Safety Switch design protects the installer from electric shock.

Our 4-ft LED T8 is on the LDL qualified LED product list for utility rebate.

Our LED T8 comes with a 5-year warranty and is rated up to 50,000 hours.

Contact us at (425) 430-4555 ext 233 or, and we will help your company achieve the best ROI (return on investment) on your energy-efficient lighting project.

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