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Energy-Efficient Commercial Garage Lighting: PICA Garage Case Study

The Challenge

PICA, owner of one of the largest office buildings in Tennessee, is constantly looking for financially viable technologies that can help lower their environmental impact and operating costs. In time, their underground parking garage became a matter of concern. Illuminated 24/7 with 48 X 175W HID lights and 142 X 32W fluorescent tubes, the parking structure ran energy costs high. Maintenance and safety were also important considerations, as many of the HID lights were mounted above parking spaces, making it difficult to replace failed fixtures during regular hours. Moreover, failed fixtures meant poorly lit parking spots, which presented real safety and security issues.

Aleddra LED T8 for Commercial Garage Lighting

Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA) is the nation’s leading provider of medical professional liability insurance for podiatric physicians in the United States.

The Solution

Facilities director JC Blakely, CFM, looked at several lighting alternatives from a variety of vendors in search of a solution that would meet his criteria for cost, efficiency and reliability. The LED North America Manhattan LED fixtures were selected for replacing the HID and the Aleddra EasiRetrofit™ LED T8 tubes for replacing the fluorescent tubes based on price, performance and dependability. By taking advantage of Manhattan’s wide throw light pattern, the number of fixtures used in the garage could be reduced by almost 40%.

The Result

Based on the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) Lighting Workbook, PICA will reduce its annual energy needs for parking garage lighting from 194.814 kWh to 46,570 kWH – a whopping savings of 148,244 kWh, or over 75%. With the TVA Incentive, the payback will be 13 months and the project’s Internal Rate of Return >80%.

LED North America Manhattan Garage Lighting Fixture

Manhattan parking garage lighting fixture from
LED North America

Aleddra LED T8 for Commercial Garage Lighting

Aleddra EasiRetrofit™ LED tube

Installation Snapshot

Replacement of 49 x 175W HID with 30 x 81W Manhattan LED fixtures

Replacement of 284 x 32W 4’ fluorescent tubes with Aleddra EasiRetrofit™ LED T8’s

Over 75% reduction in energy costs (from 194,814 kWh to 46,570 kWh)

120 ton decrease in annual CO2 emission

Elimination of expensive maintenance (with a 5-year warranty)

Improved safety and security

Payback in 13 months

The Manhattan parking garage luminaire is ETL and UL8759 certified. The Aleddra EasiRetrofit™ LED T8 is UL1598C classified. Both come with a 5-year warranty.

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