About Us

Aleddra LED Lighting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lightel Technologies Inc in Seattle, Washington and was established in 2008 when Lightel sought to expand its business in the market segment adjacent to its core competency in optical communication. By leveraging the R&D resources and expertise in optics and electronics of its parent company, Aleddra quickly established a market position for itself as a leading innovator in the LED lighting industry.
Aleddra focuses on designing, manufacturing, and selling LED lamps through multiple channels. By effectively integrating engineering talents across four different fields—optics, electrical and mechanical engineering and heat management— Aleddra has developed various LED lamps, such as our breakthrough T8 SureFit LED tube. It uses patented technology to support the operation with and without an Instant Start ballast. It gives the end user the freedom of removing the ballast immediately for more energy savings, or waiting until the ballast dies and then bypassing it. It is great for retrofitting and new construction applications. Our CF-LED lamp offers the first 360-degree LED PL lamp with 100 lm/w efficacy. This revolutionary lamp can be installed either vertically or horizontally with the same beam spread as traditional lamps. Our most cost-effective HID replacement LED lamp is our CF-LED U Lamp that can save up to 80% energy, weighs less, and smaller in size. Aleddra's commitment to detail and quality allows our products to be qualified for utility rebates, which has contributed to our marked success within this relatively short period of time.
To develop energy-efficient LED lights through innovation

To manufacture products that meet or exceed industrial safety standards

To deliver total product-service experience that surpasses customer expectations

To build a socially responsible organization